“Experience Molokini Before the Crowds Return

Experience Molokini without interruption from large tour boats or over-crowded snorkel sites. Trip includes 3 hours of fun, with two stops. Snorkel Molokini and an additional shoreline snorkel at a turtle habitat.
*Snorkeling gear, Water, juice and fun times.
*Also included: A breakfast consisting of a fruit platter, and individually wrapped ham and cheese or turkey and cheese croissants, water and hawaiian juices.
(Vegan or gluten free option available if requested in in advance)
*Up to 24 passengers allowed on vessel.
*For more options and private tours, or to book over the phone call 808-879-7238

Molokini Crater You’ll head to Molokini, and experience it without the larger boats, tourists and charters that normally fill the beautiful crater.

Turtlely Cool!… Departing Molokini, we’ll make one more stop and snorkel with sea turtles in a shorline destination (locations will vary, depending on conditions). These turtles, although endangered and protected, are accustomed to seeing snorkelers and do not mind being photographed as they surface for air just a few feet away.

The variety of scenery and wildlife encountered both above the surface and below truly make this tour one of the most comprehensive snorkeling adventures available on Maui.

3 hr. Molokini Plus…….. Departure Time: 7:00 am (6:30 check in)

$10 off if you book 5 days in advance!


Adult – $149 + tax
Child – $119 + tax