“Pristine Coastal Reefs and a Magical Coastline

If you’re interested in pristine coastal reefs and a magical coastline without the Molokini crowds, book this one!

Snorkel remote coves, pinnacles and bays experienced by few and inaccessible by car. Sightsee the crystalline volcanic formations of Mail’s most recent lava flows. Trip includes breakfast (consisting of a muffin and fruit platter), snorkeling at dolphin and turtle habitats, lunch (individually wrapped ham and cheese, or turkey and cheese croissants and nut free chocolate chip cookie, water and Hawaiian juices. Vegan or gluten free option available if requested in comments section when booking), beverages and snorkel gear.

The Kanaio Coast Tour offers an opportunity to explore a rarely seen part of Maui, The Volcanic Kanaio Coast and a variety of remote exotic snorkeling sites, including both spinner dolphin and green sea turtle habitats.

The Kanaio Sea Caves… Passengers can expect a rare treat as they tour along Maui’s Gold Coast past Wailea and Makena to a remote and inaccessible coastline with spectacular views of the slopes of Mt. Haleakala. About 200 years ago at Kanaio, molten lava exploded from a side vent and poured into the ocean forming incredible lava arches, grottos and sea caves. Photographers will delight with the array of unique formations that await at every turn.

Dolphins Dead Ahead!… Following Kanaio, you will cruise to the protected waters of La Perouse Bay, frequently encountering a school of spinner dolphins, including babies, along the way or in the bay it’s self. Named for their acrobatics, these playful mammals will frolic in the wave produced by our boat sometimes only a few feet from the bow!

Green Sea TurtlesOn many occasions our snorkelers have been approached by the dolphins while in the water. This experience has been described as spiritual and is a visual and auditory experience that one never forgets.

One of several remote snorkeling sites may be offered (time and conditions permitting) such as the La Perouse Pinnacle, which is teaming with fish. Each site has a unique underwater terrain and a variety of marine life.

Turtlely Cool!… Departing La Perouse Bay, we make one more stop in Makena where we serve lunch and snorkel with sea turtles and spotted eagle rays near pristine lava fingers. these turtles, although endangered and protected, are accustomed to seeing snorkelers and do not mind being photographed as they surface for air just a few feet away.

$10 off if you book 5 days in advance!

4 hr. Kanaio Coast Tour ………… Departure Time: 7:00 am (6:30 check in)
2023 Pricing

Adult – $179 + Tax
Child – $139 + Tax

*100% refundable if cancelled prior to 24 hours. If a private, 100% refund if cancelled 5 days prior to charter. No Exceptions. No pregnant passengers or those with back or neck problems. No Children under 4 years of age; adult supervision required for those under 12. No wheel chair accommodations or service animals.