“Take A Blue Water Rafting Virtual Tour

Your journey begins within the safe confines of the Kihei Maui Boat Ramp which enjoys the protection of the 10,000 foot volcano, Mt. Haleakala. Early morning departures are for the Kanaio Coast, where side vents erupted from the volcano as recently as 1790.

Late morning departures are for Molokini, a crescent shaped volcanic tuff cone about 5 miles away from Maui, rated as one the top ten dive and snorkel locations in the world located here in the Hawaiian islands.

Maui has some of the most beautiful coastal scenery on earth. On a clear day, as many as 6 different Hawaiian islands can be seen at one time if you include Molokini (technically an islet).This view of the island of Lanai, as we exit the Maui Kihei Boat Ramp, shows clouds stacking above the former pineapple plantation.

Ocean RaftingOcean rafting on a “state of the art” rigid hulled inflatable, is an experience that should not be missed. Powered by environmentally friendly outboards of the latest design up to a combined 450 HP, these ultra stable craft power impressively through both light chop and blue water as we explore the Kanaio Coast sea caves.

The Kanaio Coast was first offered to the Maui visitor by Blue Water Rafting back in 1987.

Lava arches, caves, and pinnacles unique to this area are the result of lava pouring from side vents into the sea a mere 200 years before.

View the crystaline lava formations up close and look for figures that appear to have been carved into the rock at the Psychedelic Hallway.

After viewing some of nature’s most exotic lava formations, your captain steps up the pace as you speed on to look for dolphins at your first snorkel site.

Underwater close encounters with the pacific Spinner Dolphins or Bottlenose Dolphins can be as short as a fleeting moment as they swim by … or as long as 30 minutes or more of observing pods of young and adults surfacing, leaping and spinning, tail slapping, playing with objects, and even mating within your view.

(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

A vast array of colorful tropical fish and corals are found at virtually all of our reef sites. One site that we visit often is called the La Perouse Pinnacle. This formation resembles a small sea mount rising to within 7 feet of the surface from the sea floor 60 feet below.

(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

Snorkeling instruction is provided for those new to the sport. Before long beginners are able to join the more experienced for a brief “free dive” below the surface to view some of the nocturnal feeders such as the Menpachi (Squirrelfish) shown under this ledge.

(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

After snorkeling in the Kanaio/ La Perouse area, the Kanaio/Molokini raft heads on to Molokini, and the Kanaio Coast raft heads on to Makena to visit one of several turtle habitats such as “Turtle Town”.

(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

At Molokini visibility is generally 150 feet or better. The Yellowtailed Coris and Moorish Idols shown above and Trumpet Fish on the right are examples of some of the striking contrasts in both color and shape of the marine life found at this spectacular preserve.


(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

Although hand feeding the fish is frowned upon in general and actually prohibited by law at Molokini, evidence of prior feeding can be witnessed by holding your hands together and snapping your fingers near these Milletseed Butterflyfish.


(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

The sight of a creature like this White Mouth Moray eel might evoke fear in some, but these animals are actually quite timid and are not known to bite those not attempting to feed them.


(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

Underwater close-up whale encounters like the one in the photo are rare, but have actually have occurred on our raft trips on several occasions at different locations.

Two sites famous for seeing humpbacks underwater are Molokini’s “outer reef” and “reef’s end”.

(photo copyright: Ted Plume)

One of the highlights of the tour is having lunch and snorkeling at an endangered Green Sea Turtle habitat. Whether surfacing for air while you are enjoying our delicious deli lunch, or resting on the bottom while you snorkel just a few meters above, these turtles are real crowd pleasers and always steal the show.

(photo copyright: Capt. Mat Spinks)